Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hot Seat and how do I request to be a participant?
The Hot Seat is for someone who needs advice about their business and is asking for constructive help. They typically share 4-5 concerns and the members of the audience (business professionals) offer solutions and advice. If you want to be in the Hot Seat, email the moderator, Joan De Souza at [email protected]

Is there a fee to attend?

Do I have to become a member?

Who is the moderator?
Joan De Souza is passionate about helping business owners succeed. She spent 30 years in executive management at the L.A. Times and has also run her own business. She understands group dynamics and started the B4B Think Tank to get results for small to medium size businesses. People who attend the Think Tank are finding value in coming together, face-to-face (on Zoom for the time being) to hear great advice from all types of people with diverse backgrounds.  

Can I bring a friend?
Yes, as many as you want but please have them contact the moderator to be added to the B4B invitation database.

How many people usually attend?
30 - 50+

Is this a networking group?
You will meet lots of interesting people. It's up to you to make the connection.

What is the format of the meeting?
We start on time at 7:30am. When we meet in person you can come early at 7am to network. While we are on Zoom log in at 7:15 am.  We start our session with a Sponsor. The Sponsor is given 15 minutes to tell us about their business. Next we hear from the previous month's Hot Seat participant who has 5 minutes to give us an update with what they learned and what they have done with our advice. Next we meet this month's Hot Seat participant. They have 5 minutes to tell us what they need help with. The Hot Seat participant is not allowed to speak for 15 minutes while the audience offers suggestions. They take notes and focus on the suggestions. There is a second 5 minute period where The Hot Seat participant can answer any questions and add any more information that will help with more suggestions. They are quiet for another 15 minutes while the audience offers more suggestions. We end our meeting by 9 am. 

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